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De Dietrich Connaisseur Chef

New Chef Inspired Ovens The new range of De Dietrich Chef Inspired ovens are composed of the perfect balance of expertise, passion, precision, and boldness while simultaneously remaining easily operated and highly functional. The ovens exude sophistication and elegance, largely down to the fact that they are created from the perfect combination of premium materials like glass, stainless steel, and copper.

The ovens come equipped with over 70 cooking functions, for example slow cooking, drying and French patisserie modes. This exclusive technology is patented by the brand and it even goes as far as adjusting all settings automatically for you, from the cooking mode to the ideal temperature and even the cooking time. This means that your oven is perfect for preparing meals featuring chicken, veal or duck, but also for baking items like macaroons, chocolate cake and meringues.

The oven contain many sensors which analyse the humidity level of the dish cooking and further increases the accuracy of the cooking time down to the last minute. The results are truly amazing. The collection has also recently been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design, a much sought-after international design and innovation accolade. This is yet another example of the brand’s design, concept and innovative technology. The new collection builds on this sentiment, with it pushing the limits in terms of finish, quality aesthetics and functionality. It reinforces this classic brands place in the world of design and The De Dietrich ovens come in a variety of colours, Absolute Black, Platinum, Pure White and Iron Grey, to suit any kitchen or style. De Dietrich transforms the cooking experience into an art of precision and excellence by incorporating the same De Dietrich know-how with cooking methods worthy of great chefs.

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